"Stay in touch when it's storming!"

Weather forecasters have a system to let you know when severe weather may affect you. You need to know how to get that information, because it could save your life and property. Watches and warnings are communicated through radio and television broadcasts, the Internet, NOAA Weather Radio and tornado sirens.

"A Watch is posted long before the danger even comes"

The National Weather Service issues a
Watch when a particular weather danger is possible.  This helps you to plan ahead and prepare for hazardous weather such as tornadoes, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, floods or winter storms.  You’ll hear information about the watch on radio, television, or on your NOAA Weather Radio. Be alert for changing weather and be listening closely for further information. 

"A Warning means that weather danger's already begun"

If the National Weather Service issues a weather
Warning, you need to act fast to protect yourself or your property.  A severe thunderstorm warning means storms could bring damaging winds, large hail or tornadoes. A tornado warning means a tornado has either formed in your area, or one could form soon.  A flood warning means water is rising high enough to threaten lives or property, and a winter storm warning means there is a danger from snow, wind, or cold temperatures.

"And when a watch or warning's out what will you do?"

Even before you hear a weather warning, have a plan of what to do.
Go here to see how to make a severe weather plan.  As soon as you hear a warning, put that plan into action.

Key words to the song:
"A Watch is posted long before the danger's even come Though it could come tomorrow or today, A warning means that weather danger's already begun And it's time to get to safety right away."
Talk with Your Friends and Your Family:
1. What does a severe thunderstorm watch mean?  A severe thunderstorm warning?
2. What does a tornado watch mean?  What about a tornado warning?
3. If there is a tornado warning for your area, where would you go if you are home?  What about if you are In your car?
4. How will you know if there is a severe weather warning for your area?

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