Perform the Weather Dude's songs yourself or with a class!
With the ACTUAL tracks from the Weather Dude recording and have Nick personally introduce your performance!
Background tracks from
Sing Along with the Weather Dude are now available on compact disc

Many of you have asked for music-only tracks (minus vocal) so your class or school chorus can perform songs from Sing Along with the Weather Dude.  Now all ten tracks are available from the original recording, but without Nick's voice.  (Not that there's anything wrong with his voice, but sometimes you can do it without him!) You provide the lead vocal for a fun and educational performance!

Have Nick personally introduce your program!

In addition to the musical tracks, Nick will record a spoken introduction for your musical program.  He can say something like, "Hi this is Nick Walker, on-camera meteorologist for The Weather Channel. I'd like to thank the Cedar Hills chorus for performing some of my songs and I hope they have as much fun singing them as I had writing them. I know you're in for a treat this evening. So please join me in welcoming director Brian Smith and the Cedar Hills Elementary School chorus!" You specify exactly what you'd like Nick to say, and he'll record the introduction just for you.  There is no extra charge for your personal introduction.

Choose the songs and the price you want!

Want to perform all ten songs?  Fine.  But if you want only one or two songs, that's all you pay for.  And as a bonus, when available, two versions of each song are provided at no extra charge, one with background vocals and sound effects, and one without.  Each CD is custom-made individually to your specifications and is the fully-produced music track from the original recording.  You tell us the songs you want and we'll make the CD just for you.
Because each CD is custom made individually and from the original studio recording, pricing is different from the
Sing Along with the Weather Dude CD/book.  The cost of your first music-only track is $12.98.   Each additional song is $5.98.  The price for all ten songs is $45.98, for a savings of more than $20.  The price includes the two versions of each song  when available, and also covers performance royalties (fees paid to publishers for the right to perform musical compositions or other productions or display commercial films in public.)   Music-only tracks are available on compact disc only. 

Pay by Credit Card or Check

To order the CD tracks, send your name and e-mail address to to have an order form automatically e-mailed to you.  To download and print out an order form to mail in, go here (pdf file). Simply check the songs you want and indicate whether you want to pay by credit card, check, or school purchase order.  Mail or e-mail the order form back to us.  Orders for CD music tracks are usually shipped within two weeks after the payment or purchase order is received.  (This allows time for production of the custom music track CD.)

For more information on the Weather Dude music tracks or to have an order form e-mailed to you send your name and e-mail address to

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