A Watch and a Warning
Words & Music by Nick Walker

What’s a watch and what’s a warning?  What’s a watch and what’s a warning?
Whenever the weather’s gonna be rough,
And it is likely you will see stuff
Like gusty winds or hail or floods come through your town,
We all could use a little wisdom,
So there’s an early warning system
To get you ready for whatever’s going down. 

We call it a watch and a warning,
Stay in touch when it’s storming,
When there’s such weather forming,
You want to prepare.
That’s why there’s a watch and a warning,
In the nights, days or mornings,
There is much we’re informing
Before it is there,
With a watch and a warning.

I’m sure that that all of you have seen them,
But there’s a difference between them,
And when a watch or warning’s out what will you do?
A watch is a sign that harmful weather
Eventually could combine together;
A warning, it means the threat is very close to you.


A watch is posted long before the danger’s even come,
Though it could come tomorrow or today;
A warning means that weather danger’s already begun,
And it’s time to get to safety right away.
What's a watch and what's a warning? What's a watch and what's a warning?


©Copyright 2010 Nick Walker/Small Gate Media