"A stronger storm that's turning round and round"

Tornadoes are nature's most violent storms.  Forming from strong thunderstorms, a tornado is a rotating column of air in contact with the Earth’s surface. The wind inside a tornado can reach speeds of more than 200 mph and can destroy even sturdy buildings.

“You’ve got to get to a safe place now!"

Tornadoes can form quickly so you need to act quickly.  Have a NOAA weather radio in your home or some other way to get tornado warnings. Make sure everyone in your family already knows what to do if a tornado warning sounds.  Decide now where in your home is the safest place to go.  Usually that is an interior room or closet in the basement or on the lowest floor of your home, away from windows and outside walls. Get under a sturdy table or other structure so your head will be covered in case of falling or flying debris.

Key words to the song:

"Be safe and get low And away from windows When you know tornadoes are within your sight; A closet or a hall Away from outside walls So if a twister calls You'll be all right."

Talk with Your Friends and Your Family:

1. How do you know if a storm is a simple thunderstorm or a more dangerous one?
2. How would you know if there is a tornado warning for your area?
3. Where would you go in your home if there is a tornado warning?
4. What would you do once you are in your safe place?
5. How would you know when it's okay to come out of your safe place?

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