Round and Round
Words & Music by Nick Walker

When you hear the thunder roll and lightning flashes bright,
It usually means the most that you should do is head inside;
But ev-e-ry so often we have found
A stronger storm that’s turning round and round. 

Round and round and round, you keep on watching out for tornadoes.
Round and round and round, you gotta get to a safe place now!
Round and round and round, now there’s a warning out for tornadoes,
So get to safety when the tornado warning sounds.

Inside a thunderstorm the air is flowing up and down,
And in the strongest ones the winds are going round and round;
And if a spinning wind drops from the sky,
You may find a funnel cloud nearby.


Be safe and get low,
And away from windows,
When you know tornadoes
Are within your sight,
A closet or a hall,
Away from outside walls,
So if a twister calls
You’ll be all right.
You will be all right!


©Copyright 2010 Nick Walker/Small Gate Media