When Thunder Roars
Words & Music by Nick Walker

Watch the dark clouds gather on a humid afternoon,
Building up so tall into the sky.
It’s a clue that thunderstorms are coming very soon,
Make sure a sturdy shelter is close by. 

When thunder roars, go indoors, there’s lightning all around.
It’s close enough to make things rough when you can hear the sound;
You’ll stay safe if you stay inside.

So before it pours, just get indoors, as soon as thunder roars. 

When you see the lightning’s fiery flash across the blue,
It may seem to be so far away;
But when you hear the thunder crash there’s danger close to you,
It’s nature’s sign that you should not delay.


There’s got to be a solid wall around you on all sides,
Tents and picnic shelters just won’t do.
And stay there till the thunder’s gone and half an hour besides,
Then you’ll be safe to start your day anew.

So if you’re at the pool or on your boat upon the lake,
Or playing on the field at your ballgame.
Don’t forget that there are precious lives always at stake,
The safety rules you follow are the same.


When thunder roars, go indoors, just use your brain, don’t wait for rain.
Don’t be a fool, get out of the pool, and don’t be lame, just end the game,
Before it pours, just get indoors, as soon as thunder roars,
As soon as thunder roars.

©Copyright 2010 Nick Walker/Small Gate Media