Turn Around, Don’t Drown®
Words & Music by Nick Walker

Have you seen the rain pour so hard upon the ground?
Pretty soon it’s plain that a flood is coming round;
Water’s on the rise as you are driving in your car;
It not a good surprise if it comes up too far,
Turn around, don’t drown! Turn around don’t down! 

Driving on a street you’ve been down a hundred times,
A barricade you meet with the deep water warning signs;
It may not look to you that the water’s very high;
You may be tempted to just keep on driving by;
But turn around, don’t drown! Turn around don’t down! 

Watch out when the water starts to cover up roadways that you seek;
Don’t drive into the flood or you’ll discover you’re up a creek. 

You never ever know how deep the waters are covering the street;
It’s better if all of you sons and daughters make a retreat.

It doesn’t take a lot to push your car up and off the road;
Though water’s all you’ve got, just two feet can lift that load;
Gamble and you lose and you might simply float away,
So turn around and choose to find a different way,
Turn around don’t drown!  Turn around don’t down!

"Turn Around Don't Drown" is a trademark of NOAA, used by permission

©Copyright 2010 Nick Walker/Small Gate Media