The Air We Breathe
Words & Music by Nick Walker

The air we breathe is oftentimes polluted,
By exhaust from cars and smoke from factories,
So to talk about the dangers when air quality's a problem
I have some old-time singer friends with me.

(Take it, Neil Diamond:)
"I am, I said, a man who sings of people
From Cracklin' Rosie to Sweet Caroline.
And some hot August night when air is hazardous for breathing,
When asked to sing, politely, I'll decline."

The air we breathe can sometimes be so yucky,
The air we breathe can make us cough and wheeze,
So pay attention to the air quality index,
So you can know the state of all the air we breathe.
The weather often makes the trouble greater
When temperatures are hot and skies are clear,
And chemicals emitted from industrial pollution
Can gradually make bad ozone appear.

(Mr. Buddy Holly:)
"Well, that'll be the day you get a warning,
'Cause it's dangerous to you and Peggy Sue," (your turn, Bob)
"And until that old pollution is a-blowin' in the wind,
It ain't me, babe, who'll be breathing it, would you?"

(Tell us about it, Kermit)
"When the air is bad, you have to take it easy,
You can't run, or skip, or hop outside all day. (right Piggy?)"
"(That's right!) It's best to stay inside with the air conditioner on,"
"But I still want to hula-hoop and play!"


©Copyright 2010 Nick Walker/Small Gate Media