In Your Kit
Words & Music by Nick Walker

Are you ready? I want to know, when the power goes out and the strong winds blow? 
(Have you got what you need?) It’s right here in one place,
(Are you prepared indeed?) I’m ready just in case.
(Now is it really wise..) Oh if you only knew,
(...To pack all those supplies?) Well here’s a tip for you: 

When nature lashes out you’ll rest assured that you can take a hit;
You’re ready for the worst if you’ve collected first
All the items you need in your kit. 

(I’ve got a good flashlight) You’ll need some batteries too,
(Some food and water’s right) Enough for all of you.
(My medical supplies) All in a first-aid kit,
(And some moisture wipes) I’m glad to you thought of it.


Some blankets and some pillows, and you’ll need some extra cash,
And don’t forget to put a favorite toy there in your stash! 
You’ll need important papers for insurance and all that,
And be sure to include some food for Fido and the cat! 
(I’ve got some sturdy clothes) Including socks and shoes,
(My weather radios) So you can hear the news.
(An extra set of keys) A car with gasoline,
(And my toiletries) So you can all stay clean.


©Copyright 2010 Nick Walker/Small Gate Media