Hurry, It’s a Hurricane
Words & Music by Nick Walker

Living by the beach can be so grand,
Surfing, building castles in the sand;
But before you think of summer fun,
Of swimming, playing in the sun,
Just be sure you’ve made your backup plan. 

From June until November is the time
The ocean’s temperature begins to climb,
When storms out in the tropics grow,
Until strong winds begin to blow,
A hurricane just may be what you’ll find. 

Hurry, it’s a hurricane; Hurry, it’s a hurricane.
A twirling swirling ocean storm with wind and waves and rain,
Hurry up, it’s a hurricane. 

Long before a storm arrives,
Plan where to go and stay,
And keep a kit filled with supplies
So you will be okay.

For every kind of weather, weak or strong,
If you stay ready you just can’t go wrong;
Then if the hurricanes appear,
You will have no need to fear,
And you’ll relax, have fun all summer long.


©Copyright 2010 Nick Walker/Small Gate Media