The Burning Sun
Words & Music by Nick Walker

Mercy mercy, watch the thermometer risin’,
Looks like it’s gonna be one of those scorchers today.
Factor thirty and caution is what I’m advisin’,
You gotta look out for your health when you go out to play. 

As that bright and blazing sun keeps climbing higher,
And it shines its rays on down you just like fire,
Some defense against the swelter is required,
If you want to quench the scorching searing flames
Of the burning sun (Take care out in the burning sun)
The burning sun (Beware out in the burning sun)
The burning sun.

You've got your sunscreen, but don’t let the fair weather fool ya,
A hot sunny forecast is no guarantee of a treat.
Don’t ya get thirsty, yeah, drink lots of water to cool ya,
Find you a shade tree, you gotta get out of the heat.


Listen up people, ‘cause I’ve got some hot information:
The blistering weather can bring on the danger we know;
But you can enjoy summer fun and without hesitation;
Don’t overbake, play it cool, take a break, take it slow.


©Copyright 2010 Nick Walker/Small Gate Media