Be Ready
Words & Music by Nick Walker

You’ve seen it before, you’ll see it again,
The storms they will come and go.
And those who prepare discover that when
It’s over that they will know
That the best way to weather the weather
Is to be ready when it forms,
And beforehand to gather together
What you’ll need to survive the storms.

So don’t get scared, just get prepared,
So you’ll be strong and steady;
Then you’ll be sure that you’ll endure,
If you’ll just be ready. 

You need a plan, you need to know
What you will say and do,
Who you will call, where you will go,
Whom you will you listen to;
And decide on a place that’s a safe place
You can get out of all harm’s way,
And so then you can face with a straight face
Any storm that might come someday.


So talk with your friends and your family, decide what’s important to you,
When the storms come round, and the warning’s sounding too.


©Copyright 2010 Nick Walker/Small Gate Media