Words & Music by Nick Walker

A biting wind so strong begins to blow; it feels almost like 39 below,
Heavy snow will fall ‘til you can’t see at all,
It’s the beginning of a blizzard, don’t you know. 
This is not the time to go outside, or get in your car to take a ride;
Stay in where it’s warm and you’ll be safe from harm,
For if you’re caught up in a blizzard, you can’t hide. 

The wind and cold can sure give me the shivers
With a blowing, blinding snow,
It’ll freeze my bones down to the very gizzard,
That’s what we call a b-b-b-b-blizzard,
That’s what we call a b-b-b-b-blizzard!

Though you’re bundled up from head to toe, stay put when visibility is low;
For on that snowy day you could lose your way,
And in minutes be in trouble if you go.


When snow swirls round for hours on end and drifts build up so high,
There’s danger if the howling wind makes snow obscure your eye.


©Copyright 2010 Nick Walker/Small Gate Media