How Fast Is It?

You can estimate wind speed with the
Beaufort Scale.  It was developed in 1805 by a Navy admiral to measure wind at sea.  But we can also use it to measure wind on land.

<1mph -  Smoke rises straight up, no motion
1-3mph - Smoke drifts slowly, tree leaves barely move
4-7mph - Leaves rustle, wind felt on face
8-12mph - Leaves and twigs move, dust raised from ground
13-18mph - Small branches move, dust and paper blown away.    
19-24mph - Small trees and large branches sway
25-31mph - Big branches move a lot, wind whistles, umbrellas turn inside out.
32-38mph - Whole trees sway, hard to walk
39-46mph - Tree twigs break, very hard to walk
47-54mph - Branches, roof tiles blown down
55-63mph - Trees uprooted, severe building damage
64-72mph - Widespread building damage
73+mph - Severe destruction

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