Weather Dude
(Weather Terminology)
Words & Music by Nick Walker

Word, you heard the lowdown 'bout what's happening up high,
Check it out, it's about all the clouds and the rain and the sunshine in the sky
You want your weather straight up; and you wanna want it in your face.
Let me make it clear, that's-a why I'm here, and now that we're in place...

I am the weather dude, I'm the weather dude
Cause weather, it's a trip for you and me.
Yeah I'm the weather dude, I'm the weather dude
What up, it's hip meteorology from A to Z.

A is for the atmosphere, that's where it all begins,
B for one big burning sun making all our weather trends.
C for condensation turning moisture into clouds,
D-drops of precipitation hit my roof so loud.
E-evaporation, puts more moisture right up there,
F for front, the line between two chunks of cold and warmer air.
G is for the gust of wind that cools you while you play,
H is for humidity on a sticky sticky summer day.

I is for the ice that forms the high clouds where it's cold,
J is for how high you jump when thunder booms and rolls
K is for the king-sized cumulonimbus rising high,
and L is for l-l-lightning bolts that flash across the sky.
M is for the mercury in my thermometer.
N stands for the numbers there on my barometer.
O for observations that this weather dude makes each day.
and P is for the pressure of the air so I can say...


Q for quit, but quiet! We're not finished yet, not quite.
R until the rainbow shows its colors big and bright.
S for snow that falls from freezing clouds so I am told,
T is for the temperature, it may be warm or cold.
U and V for ultra-violet rays from Mister sun.
W, w-w-w-w-water cycle, there's more rain to come.
For X for Y for Z, I can't think of what to do!
But I can spell the forecast out cause I'm the Weather Dude!


©Copyright 2004 Nick Walker/Small Gate Media
©Copyright 1993, 2000 Nick Walker/Small Gate Media