Words & Music by Nick Walker

Have you ever noticed lightning in the nighttime?
Have you heard the thunder in the afternoon?
When you see and hear it, you will know it is the right time
To get ready, cause a storm is coming soon.
Get ready for some threatening clouds, get ready for a shower;
You get ready for a gusty blustery wind.
But most of all get ready to see nature show its power.
And if you find yourself outside, go in!

Thunderstorms, thunderstorms, see the lightning flashing.
Thunderstorms, thunderstorms, feel the strong winds blow.
The rain will soon fall fiercely when those dark clouds start to form;
Oh nothing can compare with thunderstorms.

You'll find a thunderstorm whenever cold and warm air clashes,
And warmer air below is forced to rise.
Clouds become so charged up that they spark electric flashes;
Then thunder rolls while rain pours from the skies.


It's usually just nature's noisy light show,
But sometimes thunderstorms become severe,
Bringing hail or floods or even a tornado;
Take cover when those thunderstorms appear.


Nothing can compare
With cool unstable air;
So you had best beware of Thunderstorms.

©Copyright 1993, 2000 Nick Walker/Small Gate Media