Just Dew It!

When the nights are clear and cool, the temperature may be low enough for water vapor to condense into tiny drops on the ground, on plants, and on spider webs.  We call it dew.

Weather Ideas for elementary students: 1. Look at the words to the song "A Tiny Drop of Water."  Circle each word in the song that is a form of water, ice, or water vapor.

2. Pick one of the "water" words in the song 
"A Tiny Drop of Water" and draw a picture of it.  Label the picture with the word, and then write whether the word is a form of water, ice, or water vapor.

3. If you skipped the
"Tropical Rainmaker" experiment, do it now to illustrate evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Make sure an adult helps you.

Try this exercise:  From a crouched position, stand up while raising your hands into the air.  While doing this, imagine water evaporating into water vapor, and say "evaporation."  Then, stand on tip toe as you reach high into the air and imagine the water vapor rising into the sky.  Show by touching your fingers together how water vapor cools and forms clouds, and say "condensation."  Then as you slowly crouch down again, use your hands to show how the rain falls from the clouds while saying "precipitation."   Try it again a little faster.  How fast can you do it?

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