That’s the Way Winds Blow
(Air Pressure and Wind)
Words & Music by Nick Walker

It might seem funny for you to think
The air we breathe can rise and sink
It might be really heavy, it may be light,
But molecules of air have weight all right.
And when they're warm and trippin,' they dance around,
That's when changing air pressure can be found.
And when that changing pressure builds so high
Then the air we breathe can start to fly.
The air will move, drift, flow,
From high pressure down to where it's low.
And when that flow of air actually begins,
We have what you and I call...WINDS!
Maybe it'll be just a gentle breeze
Or a full-tilt storm that uproots trees.
But when the trees are swaying to and fro,
Say, hey, that's the way winds blow. Winds blow!

Say hey, that's the way winds blow! blow! blow!
Okay, that's the way winds blow! blow! blow!
You want to hear, you want to know,
What makes them really go! go! go!
Keepin' sailboats' sails up high,
Pushin' clouds across the sky,
Making your favorite kite to fly,
Say hey, that's the way winds blow!

So what makes those pressure shifts?
Why, it's Mr. Sun, if you get my drift.
If it's a little warmer here and a little cooler there
Then you have some different temperatures in the air.
The warmer air rises so there's room for more,
And the cooler air moves to where the warm air was before.
The wind keeps blowing from cold to hot,
So THIS song is over. NOT!
Because if the pressure difference is extreme,
And there aren't too many miles in between,
The wind can start to howl, it can roar.
It can blow away rooftops and treetops and more.
So air pressure helps the dudes forecast the wind
And now that you know it, amaze your friends!
Tell them, "Check this out man, word up, yo!"
Say hey, that's the way winds blow!


©Copyright 1993, 2000 Nick Walker/Small Gate Media