Weather Ideas for Elementary Students:

1. Make a big "Weather Word" chart.  As you learn a new word, add the word to the chart with a simple definition. 

2. Write out some weather words on separate slips of paper and put them into a box.  You and a friend can pick out a word and act it out together without talking.  Have others try to guess what the word is.

3. Write out as many words as you can using the letters in the word METEOROLOGY.
   (ex. met, log, try, let.)

4. Some weather words are made of two words put together.  How many of these "compound" weather words can you think of? (sunshine, sunlight, raindrop,  etc.)

5. Clap out the number of syllables in each "Weather  Dude" word and make a list of how many syllables are in each word.

6. Make a big class mural.  Divide your class into groups of three or four students.  Have each group take a  weather concept (rain, sun, thunderstorm, etc.)  and create a mural section about 24"x36".  When each group completes its section, have them share its meaning with the class.  Tape each part together.

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