Circle of Our Four Seasons
(The Seasons)
Words & Music by Nick Walker

How I love the springtime, when buds begin to show
The snowdrifts clear and the rains appear
To help the flowers grow.
Then will come the summer when sweat drips from our brow.
The heat is on and the days grow long
But tell me why's it different now?
It's just...


The circle of our four seasons
Proving nothing can stay the same.
And it's one in a list of reasons
Why the weather will always change,
Will change.

How I love the autumn, when trees turn shades of gold.
The chilly air will make the birds prepare
To fly south from the cold.
And then at last we welcome in the winter with snow and biting wind.
It's nature's way as if to stop and say
It's time to start the year again.


The summer sun will shine above earth's center line,
And in the winter shines below.
In the fall and spring, it shines down in between,
And that's what makes the seasons show
That it's...


©Copyright 1993, 2000 Nick Walker/Small Gate Media